Rusty D

"Rusty DeWees is more than just a regional treasure, he's an American original." - John Fusco/Author of Paradise Salvage; Screenwriter of Crossroads, Young Guns, Thunderheart, Hidalgo, and Spirit of the Cimmarron


Vermont Life Magazine was one of the earliest organizations to realize how effective Rusty Dewees can be as a host and company representative. From regional Internet Service Providers to Rusty's recent work for the Heritage Automotive Group, to NeighborWorks of Western Vermont, there's a good reason company executives seek Rusty's presence: return on investment.

In the Northeast Region, and in many other parts of North America, Rusty has created advertising for radio and television, organized production teams, created and produced original music jingles, hosted trade show events, launched new products and more.

In essence, he's a marketing consultant who happens to also (and often) be the talent.

The saying goes you can't bring the mountain...but Rusty brings the audience. Instant rapport and a quick understanding of the key-to-message makes Rusty's work efficient and effective.

Please enjoy the Radio spots by clicking here, and the Television spots below.



Rusty D